A Breakdown of Various Dust Suppression Equipment

Worksite dust can be extremely problematic for many reasons. It is difficult to work in an environment with excessive dust – such conditions are not only a nuisance, but downright harmful to the health and safety of workers, managers and the general public.

There are several approaches you can take to combat excessive dust – some are more effective than others in particular situations, and some work best in tandem. Today we will discuss these various techniques and the equipment that accomplishes the desired end result – lower dust levels.

Let’s start by talking a little bit about water-based dust control.

The old fashioned method to controlling dust would be to manually direct a water hose at areas with high dust levels and rely on the water to weigh down dust particles and inhibit their ability to remain airborne. However, it has been discovered that there are much more efficient ways to supress dust. Highly advanced technology, machinery and nozzles have been invented which far surpass old techniques and equipment.

Water cannons work to control dust by administering high volumes of water directly at worksite dust clouds to wet and remove particles from the air.

One very popular option among modern dust suppression equipment is misting systems or “misting cannons”. For years, these systems have proven highly effective in suppressing worksite dust and thus remain a top choice among site managers and developers.

How Do Misting Systems Work?

 Misting systems involve high pressure ultra-fine micro-droplets of water which attach themselves to individual dust particles and effectively drive them down towards the ground. High pressure misting systems have the ability to eliminate 1-1000 micron breathable dust particles. These systems are incredibly cost-effective and installation is fairly straightforward.

At Enviro Handling Solutions, we carry two brands which manufacture and supply specialized misting equipment – HKD Blue and Duztech. Both of these companies are innovative in their designs and most importantly, trusted within the industry.

ADS (Agglomerative Dust Suppression) Dry Fog Cannons

Water-based equipment isn’t the only course of action when it comes to controlling and suppressing harmful dust – there is a method which involves equipment commonly known as “dry fog cannons”. These impressive machines use a very small amount of water and add weight to fugitive dust without increasing moisture. This is particularly helpful in the containment of loose materials within industries such as mineral mining, ports and bulk storage, coal fired power stations and coal mining where the material (of which clouds of dust form) must remain dry.

Some dry fog machines must be used in conjunction with other dust control equipment like wind fences.

Wind Fences

 Wind fences are useful in avoiding dust clouds as well as product loss on large worksites. Often these designs are 100 feet or higher. They are extremely low maintenance (requiring no cleaning) and are environmentally friendly. This solution reduces the speed at which wind enters your jobsite, redirecting it to another area. Wind fences are commonly used to prevent valuable material, such as fine sawdust, from being eroded. They protect your product as well as your workers’ health and safety in regard to dust inhalation.

There are many different designs of dust suppression equipment on the market today – at Enviro Handling Solutions, we offer the most state-of-the-art systems available. We are constantly working with industry-leading suppliers to provide the most advanced and effective methods and equipment.

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