A Dust Control Fence is a Cost-Effective Solution

Miners, builders, demolition contractors all work in dust-prone industries. These professionals know that wind fencing is a key component in cutting down dust and erosion of material piles. Since wind speed picks up as it climbs the side of a material pile, dust rises from the pile and heavier material is moved over the top to the other side of the pile and along the ground. Since it is not your goal and probably not in business to generate dust and lose material, you will be interested to learn just how much a quality wind fence set-up can be a cost-effective dost solution on your site.

WeatherSolve Wind Fences—A Viable Solution

Luckily, the engineering team at  Enviro Handling Solutions works with top manufacturers to provide its customers the most effective, and cost-effective, solutions for dust suppression across a wide field of industries and applications. With decades of experience and field-proven results, WeatherSolve Structures is a top choice for robust wind fence systems. WeatherSolve Wind Fences have larger pole spacing to lower the structural costs, and there will be less disruption in the construction of the fence. These fences are cost-effective in terms of low maintenance costs as they are self-cleaning, and require no daily consumables such as oil, gas, electricity or water.

These products have demonstrated their outstanding performance by reducing fugitive dust by about 80% even over large areas like stockpiles. These wind fences can protect a site with over 1,000 acres and with over 30 years of experience, these fences have proven themselves time and time again in extreme weather conditions. Wind Fences are often used with fogging systems as a way to help control and contain dust around open dump points.

How Does it Work?

Slowing the wind speed is the main objective in any dust control or dust suppression strategy, as it is known that wind is what causes and distributes dust. Wind erosion of dust is proportional to wind speed cubed. Overall fugitive dust levels are proportional to wind speed squared. This means that a well-designed dust control wind fence can reduce fugitive dust by about 80% even over large areas like stockpiles. In detail, the amount of dust on the downwind side of a stockpile surrounded with Weathersolve Wind fence is less than 16 percent of the amount of dust released from an unprotected stockpile. Adding a second wind fence on the downwind side of the stockpile will contain heavier material that would have been blown away on the ground. It has been proven that wind fence also offers significant savings over the construction of storage buildings.

WeatherSolve produces complete dust control fences and other dust control equipment for a range of situations from truck dumps and transfer towers to stockpiles and waste disposal areas. Call or contact us online, and the team at Enviro Handling Solutions will put its years of experience to work for you. We will evaluate your specific demands and offer you the most effective dust control solutions to keep your operation running safely and profitably.