At Enviro Handling Solutions, our staff has over 25 years of experience with customers in many industries, such as construction and demolition, mining and aggregates, solar and forestry.  Our clients count on our knowledge and skills acquired through decades of implementing industrial projects across Canada.

In addition to designing and engineering, we represent industry leading manufacturers of materials handling and dust control technology such as Ancaster, Raring, Weathersolve, Duztech and Rotolok Valves.

We understand the importance of dust control at the job site in order to keep a safe environment for workers. Airborne dust poses potential health risks. When inhaled, it can cause serious chronic illnesses to workers.  If not addressed, insurance costs could go up, leaving the company with the risk of being fined and a legal liability, all of which negatively impact the company’s bottom line.

We are committed to help our clients by protecting their costly equipment from the dust that settles and potentially speeds up wear and tear on moving parts, damages electronic equipment and increases housekeeping expenses.

During the design process, and following best practices, we incorporate leading manufacturers’ equipment into our projects. Having these abilities in-house allows us to recommend the best vendors available for each project. While our clients have access to leading manufacturers, we are able to provide competitive pricing on all projects.  It also means that having an understanding of the entire system, we can provide comprehensive technical support to our clients.

The following scope is well within the capabilities of Enviro Handling Solutions:


Coal handling
Ship loading
Hard rock mining-
Paper production
Grassroots projects
Retrofit Projects

Equipment sizing and

Pulse jet baghouses
Cartridge filters
Dynamic wet scrubbers
Packed towers
Venturi wet scrubbers
Wind fences
Fog cannon dust suppression
Air compressors
Air Dryers
Heat exchangers
Dust suppression water cannons
Dry fog dust suppression systems

Systems Design:

Pneumatic conveying
Rotary valves
Screw conveyors