BC Strictly Enforces Policies Regarding Air Quality – Solutions For Controlling Dust Levels

It’s extremely important for construction site managers to become acquainted with all the rules and regulations surrounding dust control in relation to air quality. This is not only to ensure a safe and healthy working environment for employees, but also the health and safety of the general public, who might also be exposed to dust particles and debris from a construction site.

There are many factors which could affect air quality in a neighbourhood undergoing construction – one of them being time of year – or more specifically, weather conditions during the time of construction. It is considerably more likely for residents to be affected by dust levels during dry periods, especially if there are heavy winds – which is quite typical for Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley during the summer months. This specific kind of climate prompts clouds of dust and debris to blow across the area surrounding the site.

According to BC’s Building Code, appropriate site safety measures must be taken to protect the public from any hazards which may result from construction activities. This includes poor air quality generated from dust particles. In some cases, fines of $1000 per day may be administered as well as a Stop Work notice. This means all construction activities must cease until it is determined that dust levels are under control. Because of the risks associated with these worksite conditions, the containment of dust is absolutely crucial.

Fortunately, there are many solutions which help to mitigate and in some cases completely avert poor air quality due to high dust levels. At Enviro Handling Solutions, we have a wide range of dust suppression techniques and the most up-to-date equipment on the market.

Wind Fence

One of the many options available is the use of a wind fence. This would be installed to prevent clouds of dust and debris from blowing within the worksite, and subsequently, protect the general public from inhaling hazardous and contaminated air. Typically made up of a highly durable fabric varying in porosity, this fence acts by creating a wind break that assists in the suppression of dust. A windbreak can reduce windspeeds by over 50%, effectively reducing worksite dust. When less dust accumulates in the air, there is a lower risk that the area surrounding the site is affected.

Water Cannons

Another route worth exploring would be the use of water cannons. Dust suppression water cannons use pure water to create a mist of micro water droplets which then latch onto dust particles circulating in the air and propel them downward. Water cannons are extremely successful in diminishing dust levels in the air, and are very commonly used around dry and dusty worksites.

At Enviro Handling, we will advise and decide on the best options for containing and suppressing worksite dust, which in turn will help your company to avoid costly fines and insurance premiums, as well as complaints from employees and residents. We are experts in the field with over 25 years of experience, and take dust suppression very seriously. We offer an array of dust control equipment designed and manufactured by trusted and innovative companies like Ancaster, Raring, Weathersolve, Duztech and Rotolok Valves.

We promise to provide a suitable solution and fast, so that you can focus your efforts on other important management duties. Contact us to learn more.