Does Your Dust Control Technology Stand Up To Cold Weather?

If your workflow can’t afford snow days, but it generates dust, you know how important it is to have dust control technology that won’t bring your operation to a grinding halt in severely cold weather. For mining and aggregate operations or other applications like construction and demolition, having a comprehensive dust control technology system makes the difference between profitable year-round operation and periodic catastrophe.

Dust Control Mist Cannons

Mist cannons are a smart dust control solution for many applications, because they use significantly less water, but also because they keep working, even in freezing conditions. If you plan to work through the winter using mist cannons for dust suppression, you’ll need a system designed for freezing conditions, with insulation for hoses, and possibly heat tracing and special valves to prevent ruptures, or a heat source to keep the water supply liquid.

Develop “Winterized” Procedures

In addition to having the right dust suppression technology for your application and weather conditions, you need to establish procedures to protect your personnel and equipment during severe winter weather. Obviously, freezing conditions could mean water collection and ice on the ground near the unit and under the plume, so it’s also important to plan for that and train your employees to be alert for that kind of hazard.

Establishing a routine of draining and correctly preparing your equipment for downtime in sub-freezing weather helps ensure that it will be ready to start up again when you need it, and will help extend the useful life of equipment and peripherals, which helps your bottom line now and down the road. Don’t waste labour time and repair costs by failing to plan for efficient operation in severe weather.

Custom Design Of Comprehensive Dust Control Solutions

At Enviro Handling Solutions, we have more than 25 years’ experience in designing end-to-end dust control technology systems for all kinds of industries, operating in some of Canada’s most extreme weather conditions. Our design and engineering teams will work with you and top equipment manufacturers to develop the most cost-effective and efficient solutions for your operation’s specific challenges. Call or contact us online to learn more about saving money and streamlining your operation with a customized dust control technology system.