Dust Control Fences For Solar Farms

Dust control fences on solar fields offer a number of significant benefits to operators. Because they can be built to heights of 30 metres or more, they serve to effectively prevent trespassers while significantly reducing the amount of dust and debris that is likely to reach your solar panels. This means you can be back up and running faster after a storm. Dust control fences can also be designed to accommodate self-cleaning features that require little to no maintenance. Because the support poles stand up to 36 metres apart, the cost of purchase and installation is reduced, and there’s more flexibility in design.

  • Maintaining Peak Solar Panel Performance – Dust control fences are effective at keeping new dust from blowing into your solar field and slowing the wind that can kick up dust that’s already on the ground beneath your panels. Many solar panel manufacturers agree that a layer of dust covering panels can reduce irradiance by up to 15%, so slowing the deposit of dust on the panels makes it easier to keep up with cleaning and maintaining peak performance.
  • Preventing Debris Damage – Often, solar farms are located in areas where debris like sand, plant matter, or abandoned trash are carried on the wind along with dust. Blown sand will damage solar panels over time, gradually reducing efficiency, while larger debris can cause immediate, costly damage in a wind storm.
  • Protecting Wildlife And Equipment – In some circumstances, wildlife may be injured while roaming through a solar field. In other cases, wildlife may cause damage to the panels. Either way, operators benefit from keeping wildlife and solar panels away from each other, to avoid a potential violation of environmental regulations, and to prevent downtime and repair expenses.

Dust Control Fences Keep Your Solar Field Running At Peak

In addition to reducing maintenance and repair costs, using dust control fences can help to increase your operating range and effective uptime, by slowing winds and delaying the accumulation of dust, even in windy conditions. The design and engineering teams at Enviro Handling Solutions specialize in creating custom solutions for a wide variety of industries, including solar power generation. Call or contact us online to arrange a consultation and we’ll work with you to develop the most cost-effective dust control fence solution for your specific needs.