Dust Control Fences & Suppression For The Coal Industry

Coal plants need serious dust suppression measures in order to operate safely and manage critical issues like health & safety, regulatory compliance, and liability. Piecemeal solutions don’t provide the robust, end-to-end protection your operation needs to operate profitably and safely. Working with professional system designers and engineers like the team at Enviro Handling Solutions ensures that your system is built on decades of experience, training, and knowledge.  We give your business, your employees, and your community the best possible protection against the many hazards coal dust can create.

How We Help You To Keep Coal Dust Under Control

  • Rotary & Diverter Valves – Rotary valves and diverters that are engineered to handle material that ranges from chunks to fine dust are an important part of building a processing system. They operate safely and they prevent loss of coal throughout the process.
  • Conveyors – Safe conveyors, for materials like coal, prevent material loss, pollution, and potentially hazardous conditions. This includes explosions as coal moves from trucks and stockpiles and into your plant for processing. Designing the right type of system for your specific application helps you maintain regulatory compliance while protecting your valuable material.
  • Foggers – Foggers are an important way to keep coal dust under control at various transfer points. This is important because while a given blow-out may not exceed the air quality standards in your area, you’re still risking your employees’ health and that of the surrounding community. You’re also wasting material, which can be costly overall.
  • Dust Control Fences For Storage Piles – Similarly, dust control fences protect your storage piles from being scattered or lost and divert large wind gusts. This helps other dust suppression measures to work more effectively.

Enviro Handling Solutions For Dust Control Fences & Much More

The designers and engineers at Enviro Handling Solutions rely on the time-tested dependability of WeatherSolve dust control fences as an integral part of a comprehensive solution for a coal plant. Call or contact us online to learn more about the cost-effective solutions we design for all kinds of material handling challenges.