Dust Control Solutions For Canadian Mining & Aggregate Operations

Keeping dust under control at mining and aggregate sites is a tall order with a lot at stake. Enviro Handling Solutions has teams of in-house designers and engineers who work with top manufacturers to build systems that are as efficient and cost-effective as possible for every customer’s specific site and circumstances. By creating end-to-end solutions that account for all the various parts of a mining or aggregate operation that may produce significant dust, our systems work hard to reduce costs associated with environmental and safety violations, and liability for injury or illness in employees or the surrounding community.

Pneumatic Conveyors

Pneumatic conveyors are highly effective at reducing the amount of dust in the air and reducing risk during handling of bulk solids like aggregate. We work with ACS Valves to incorporate heavy-duty valves that are built to withstand the abuse aggregate material can throw at the valves on a pneumatic conveyor system. These valves are Canadian-made and offer significantly longer maintenance cycles, less seal leakage, and higher precision tolerances for a longer useful life and lower cost of ownership.

Dust Control Fencing

Dust control fencing is useful in many applications on a mining or aggregate site, especially alongside conveyors and surrounding buildings. We work with WeatherSolve for wind fences because their WeatherSolve wind fences and Ultra-Span systems are as durable as we’ve ever seen. They’ve stood up to the winds of Hurricane Andrew, to the heat of Oman and Bahrain, and to the brutal cold of Canadian winters.

Water & Fog Systems

Water and fog dust suppression systems by Duztech are one of our go-to solutions for mining and aggregate operations in Canada because they have not only developed technology that works effectively in freezing conditions, but is also energy-efficient and water-conserving, and when its useful life is over, the equipment is 94% recyclable.

State-Of-The-Art Dust Control Solutions & Systems 

If your mining operation could use an upgrade in dust control solutions, give Enviro Handling Solutions a call or contact us online. Our designers and engineers will work with you to come up with a dust control system that addresses everything from compliance and safety to operating cost and cost of ownership. We’ll help you build the right system for your specific operation.