Dust Control Technology Can Minimize The Risks Associated With Poor Air Quality

As the manager of an entire workforce, you are responsible for so many important details that can make or break your project. There is immense pressure to satisfy the developer by means of trimming down expenditure, while also keeping your workers safe and comfortable on the job.

It goes without saying that construction workers are the lifeblood of a development/project – so it isn’t crazy to suggest that their wellbeing and safety should be at the top of the list of priorities.

To completely understand the seriousness of this topic, it’s important to go over any potential issues that could arise in the event that air quality is compromised due to high dust levels.


  1. Workers File A Complaint

    When dust reaches a certain level that the air has become unsafe to breathe while on the job, workers could start to feel resentful of management – they may feel that their safety plays second fiddle to the project’s bottom line. As time passes and air quality continues to decline, employees will eventually feel the need to file a formal complaint. This kind of situation can be extremely harmful to morale, and isn’t conducive to a positive and productive working environment. What’s best for the project (i.e. quality and efficiency) will undoubtedly take a back seat to the employees’ grievances – which can end up slowing down the whole production.

  2. Stop Work Order and/or Fine(s)

    One of the main reasons why many developers/managers choose to invest in proper dust suppression equipment is to circumvent any fines they may incur, as well as avoid being served with a Stop Work notice. In this scenario, all construction activities would have to cease until it could be determined that dust was under control. Fines of $1000 a day can ultimately affect the developer’s overhead to such an extent that eventually, the entire project is up in the air. Any smart businessperson can recognize that the cost of something like this would be far more substantial than the cost of correctly and responsibly handling the situation from the get-go. Therefore, managers and developers rely on trusted companies like Enviro Handling Solutions to control dust so that this never becomes a risk factor.

  3. Workers Become Ill

    In more severe instances, the air may become so contaminated that a worker develops respiratory issues as a result of repeated and continued exposure. This is a situation that you as a manager never want to face, as things can escalate quickly and become particularly complicated from a legal standpoint. Worksafe BC is dedicated to protecting employees from poor conditions on the job – and once this agency gets involved, it could be a major threat to your business. Not only do you risk your employee taking legal action, but the general rule of thumb in cases like this is that where there’s one, there’s usually more. It is entirely possible that several employees have suffered respiratory complications and feel motivated to take a stand because of their fellow coworker.

At Enviro Handling Solutions, we have the most innovative and state-of-the-art equipment and technology on the market. Our business depends solely on exceptional dust suppression and you can rest assured we will explore all appropriate avenues to deliver the best results. Contact us today to learn more.