Dust Control Technology For Construction & Demolition Projects In Canada

When it comes to construction and demolition projects, dust control technology and integrated systems design are critical elements in keeping every project within regulatory compliance, providing a safe work environment, and keeping the work running on budget. Sometimes, the Canadian winter can complicate dust control issues, and if you don’t have a working plan that incorporates equipment that can handle freezing weather, you could face expensive work stoppages. Whether you’re demolishing a skyscraper or a bridge, breaking ground for a new housing tract, or building a tunnel, the experts at Enviro Handling Solutions will help you choose the right state-of-the-art equipment and design plan for your project.

Maintain Regulatory Compliance 

Federal, provincial, and local code compliance for construction and demolition projects help protect workers, the environment, and people who work and live near construction sites. Violating any of these codes can be extremely costly, both in terms of fines and in terms of downtime on the job site.

Reduce Risk & Liability

Providing safe working conditions for your employees and preventing risk to other people in the community surrounding your job site goes a long way toward protecting your business and its financial future. Keeping airborne particles under effective control throughout the project helps your employees stay healthy, and keeps your insurance costs down.

Longer Equipment Life

One aspect that many people forget to factor when planning their projects is the toll airborne particles can take on equipment and electronics on the job. Cleaner air helps defend your equipment against premature wear, and helps you maintain a healthier bottom line.

Enviro Handling Solutions For Dust Control Technology & Systems

The team at Enviro Handling Solutions will put more than 25 years’ experience to work for you in creating the most efficient and cost-effective design plan for your specific project. Our in-house design and engineering teams follow industry-specific best practices and work with leading equipment manufacturers to bring our customers state-of-the-art solutions at competitive prices. Call or contact us online to learn more about working with Enviro Handling Solutions for dust control technology systems that work for you.