Dust Control Technology On Demolition Sites

Demolition operations can generate a huge amount of dust, and that dust can affect workers, the surrounding community, and the environment. Efficient and cost-effective dust control technology helps keep your workers and community safe and avoid regulatory violations and fines. A well-designed system using best practices and the most appropriate dust control technology for your specific site and operation helps you stay on budget and on schedule.

The Right Dust Control Technology For The Job

In large demolition projects, the top three dust-producing processes are implosion, munching, and loading. Correctly using the right dust control technology for any or all of these jobs is key to keeping your operations compliant and the air quality safe.

For example, demolition by implosion creates a dust plume that can and will move beyond your influence and out into the surrounding area to create a health and hazard in moments, unless you’ve engineered a dust control technology system that is up to the challenge of keeping it under control at the source.

Munching, or using equipment to tear a building down, also creates a potentially dangerous amount of dust, but it does it in a significantly different way, so the dust control technology used in this type of demolition may be more straightforward, depending on the scale of the work. For many operations, aiming dust control cannons at the active site may be sufficient.

No matter how the buildings are demolished, the process of sorting and loading the materials for clean-up is a major dust source and will include dust particles from a wide range of materials. The design of a dust control technology system for keeping the loading area safe has to account for these factors in order to work efficiently and cost-effectively and to maintain safety and environmental regulatory compliance.

Smart Design & State Of The Art Dust Control Technology

At Enviro Handling Solutions, our design and engineering teams put more than 25 years’ experience to work for our clients. Using current best practices and state of the art equipment from top manufacturers, we find the best and most cost-effective solutions to keep our clients’ operations running safely, on time, and on budget. Call or contact us for a consultation on your company’s dust control technology demands.