Dust Suppression Equipment For Biomass Fuel Facilities

Biomass fuel facilities can be as dangerous as coal-fired power plants, in terms of the potential for explosive dust fires. With meticulous housekeeping and a well-designed system of dust suppression equipment, operators of biomass production, transfer, and storage facilities can cut their risk significantly. The engineers and designers at Enviro Handling Solutions have the experience and training to create effective dust management solutions for significant improvements in several areas of biomass plant operations.

Healthier Work Environment

Catastrophic events like fires and explosions are an important consideration in creating a healthier work environment, but more mundane considerations can have an even greater on your employee’s health and safety. Long-term exposure to respirable dust can cause serious, debilitating health conditions like COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease). Protect your business by protecting your employees’ health and safety. 

Reduced Environmental Impact

Uncontrolled dust won’t stay within the confines of the biomass plant that generated it. As it strays outside, it can cause damage to the surrounding environment and community. That kind of environmental impact can result in serious fines and remediation costs, not to mention potential liability for causing health problems to community members, their pets, and their livestock. Customers in today’s market care more than ever before about companies operating in ways that protect the environment, so you may benefit more than you’d imagine by showing that your company is a responsible steward of the environment.

Better Life Expectancy For Equipment 

Dust makes a significant contribution to the wear and tear on your machinery. Using dust suppression equipment that uses minimal water helps keep your machinery from damage caused by dust, and from damage caused by corrosion due to a too-wet environment.

What’s The Best Dust Suppression Equipment For Your Biomass Plant?

The design team at Enviro Handling Solutions has more than 25 years of experience in using accepted best practices and the quality equipment from leading manufacturers to create solutions that address the specific needs of every client’s project. Call or contact us online for a consultation, and we’ll help you find the most effective and cost-effective solutions for your biomass plant operation.