Dust Suppression Water Cannons And Foggers Save Lives & Money

In many materials handling industries, effective dust control protects the health and safety of the workers and the surrounding community. It also helps operators maintain regulatory compliance while operating profitably. A comprehensive dust suppression solution including dust suppression water cannons can make mining operations, forestry programs, and solar farm installations safer for everyone and more valuable to its owners and operators.

  • Mining & Aggregate – Dust suppression water cannons and foggers can be used in many ways in mining and aggregate operations. They provide cleaner air all around and help keep airborne material from invading the area surrounding a mine. In addition to keeping road dust down, these powerful tools can also work in conjunction with dust control fencing to protect stockpiles from losing material, or from creating pollution that can result in fines.
  • Solar Farm Installation – One challenge in installing solar farms is keeping the panels from being covered in dust during installation. Dust reduces the efficiency of solar panels, and can eventually stop them from working at all, so getting a clean installation is critical. Keeping access roads and the panel field dust-free is one step toward completed installations that perform at their peak.
  • Forestry Operations – Forestry operations are heavily regulated and can be especially susceptible to regulatory fines if they’re not carefully managed to keep adequate dust control measures in place at all times. Dust suppression cannons help at every stage from building and using roads to keeping sawdust on the ground and preventing dust from being released during loading and unloading. Reducing dust in the air in the immediate vicinity also improves visibility, for safer operations.

The Right Dust Control Measures For Your Operation

Enviro Handling Solutions helps clients across a variety of material handling industries to design the most effective dust suppression system for their specific application and requirements. We incorporate dust suppression water cannons that are engineered to operate in freezing conditions, so we know that the comprehensive solution we design for your operation will run effectively and efficiently, no matter what. Call or contact us online to learn more about how the designers and engineers at Enviro Handling Solutions can help you operate more safely and profitably.