Fog Dust Suppression For Rock Crushing Plants

Rock crushing plants are inherently dusty operations, and maintaining regulatory compliance for worker safety and environmental protection can be a challenge. A properly designed fog dust suppression system is a foundational component in creating a safe workplace and avoiding fines for allowing fugitive dust to affect the surrounding environment.

Engineering Comprehensive Dust Suppression Systems

The most effective dust suppression systems feature a comprehensive design plan which is engineered to create safe working conditions in the most efficient, cost-effective way. This end-to-end design process works to save operators money in several ways, including lower operating cost, lower risk of injury or liability claims, prevention of fines for non-compliance, and prolonging the useful life of equipment due to lower dust exposure.

The design and engineering teams at Enviro Handling Solutions draw on more than 25 years’ experience and working knowledge of current best practices in a variety of industries to create the most efficient system for each customer’s specific operation, then select quality equipment for leading manufacturers to build the system. For the customer, that means comprehensive technical support from a single source, and no time-consuming hassles when something needs repairs or maintenance.

Choosing The Right Fog Dust Suppression System

The right fog dust suppression system for your operation is the one that can effectively capture dust particles in the air and force them to the ground while using as little water as possible, and preventing damage to equipment or material due to excessive moisture. The type of materials your operation deals with is also a factor, since certain mineral components, like silica, may require extra steps to remove from the air to create a safe environment.

End-To-End Design For Dust Suppression Systems That Work For You

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution to dust suppression. If you’re considering upgrading your current system to include fog dust suppression, or you’re building a new system, give Enviro Handling Solutions a call or contact us online for a consultation. Our design team will ask you the right questions to create a dust suppression system that really works for your specific operation.