Get Ready For Winter With A Robust Dust Control Misting System

Harsh winter weather may still seem like it’s a long way off, but if your operation depends on a reliable dust control misting system, now is the perfect time to make upgrades that will keep you running safely and profitably through the winter and all year long. If you’re running a mining or aggregates operation, a coal processing plant, or another dust-intensive business, you know that freezing weather can have a nasty impact if your dust control system isn’t up to the challenge.

Dust Control Misting Systems Designed For Canadian Winter

The design and engineering teams at Enviro Handling Solutions have more than 25 years’ experience in planning and implementing dust suppression systems for Canadian operations and conditions. We work with top manufacturers who produce components proven to operate efficiently and reliably in the harshest weather.

Dust control misting systems that have to run through sub-freezing conditions need some extra components like hose insulation and a heat source to prevent freezing, and possibly heat tracing equipment and specialized valves that won’t rupture when temperatures reach freezing.

We can also advise you on developing procedures and training programs that help prevent ice-related injuries to your workers, and winterizing procedures to extend the useful life of your equipment and ensure reliable operation whenever you need it. Planning ahead helps you streamline your operation, avoiding damaged equipment, delays, wasted labour hours and potential safety violations.

End-To-End System Design

A dust control misting system that runs efficiently year-round needs more than slapping some extra hose wraps on in the winter or parking a salamander in front of your water source. For a system that reliably delivers the performance and efficiency your operation demands, a comprehensive system designed for your specific conditions and demands is the most cost-effective solution. Enviro Handling Solutions has a long record of designing and building robust systems for customers in a wide variety of industries from biomass and coal to paper production and mining. Call or contact us online for a consultation and we’ll work with you to build the right dust control misting system to keep you running safely and profitably all year.