HKD Blue’s suppression technology has been tested thoroughly in all conditions by customers world-wide. Their versatile, powerful machines are specifically designed to solve dust suppression, odor control, and evaporation needs. HKD Blue has manufactured durable, environmental, water-atomizing technology since 1985.

Water-Atomizing Dust Control

HKD Blue’s unique nozzle configuration, the company’s dust control machines can generate an atomized mist of appropriately sized droplets to effectively capture dust while using less water. With remote control configuration, on-site managers can easily adjust the nozzle spray pattern and direction at the push of a button, saving labour costs while limiting worker exposure to potentially harmful dust and debris.

HKD Blue’s proprietary central nozzle and peripheral mist ring lets users manage dust control in any situation by calibrating spray pattern, water flow, droplet size, and range depending on the dynamic conditions of a specific site.

HKD Blue offers a variety of products for your needs:

  • Forklift-and-crane friendly V-Flow 500S
  • DOT certified trailer mounted V-500 T
  • Onboard generator for mobile sites V-500 GT
  • Stationary steel tower mounted V-500FX

Specialty Attachments

HKD Blue offers smaller industrial dust control cannons and accessories which are optimal for interior dust control at Waste Transfer Stations, Construction and Demolition Waste Management, and material handling.

  • R-110 Cannon

This fan motor has a Variable Speed Drive to provide short and medium distance mist protection to avoid saturation of valuable commodities

  • GEYSER Attachment

The GEYSER nozzle can be mounted an excavator to catch airborne dust at the source. It can be fixed to the stick for ultra-high reach excavators or to the boom if there is substantial shear on the boom that is creating dust. The operator can adjust the water flow, direction, and barrel angle to focus on the primary sources of dust emissions and eliminate the need for a dedicated labourer due to the reduced visual emissions.

HKD Blue offers dust suppression systems and is available through Enviro Handling Solutions