How Effective Are Water and Fog Cannons Against Smog?

Water cannons and fog cannons have been used for different purposes in various settings. It is widely recognized that these cannons are effective in controlling and suppressing dust, but how effective are water cannons and fog cannons against smog?

Water cannons are devices that shoot a high-velocity stream of water. Typically, a water cannon can deliver a large volume of water, often over dozens of meters – but how can it be used to combat a mixture of smoke and fog in the air?

At Enviro Handling Solutions, we have various water and fog cannons to aid in clearing smog and improving air quality, providing a safer working environment.

Duztech and HKD Blue’s Water Cannons

Duztech invests heavily in the development of energy efficient smog control equipment. In the process of suppressing smog, the equipment consumes just water and air, and uses minimal power. It propels streams of high-pressure water aimed at neutralizing and suppressing smog before it can cause air pollution.

Some water cannons are mounted on excavators to offer mobility, effectively and immediately fighting smog right from the source. HKD Blue’s proprietary central nozzle and peripheral mist ring combination, Geyser, delivers versatility and fine-tuning capabilities for the varied and ever changing conditions you may encounter on the job. A remote control allows for instantaneous adjustments of the nozzle’s spray pattern, as well as enables its operator to regulate water flow, droplet size and spray range quickly to adapt to the conditions and demands of the environment. On-the-fly calibration allows you to save money on labor and water while maintaining optimal safety conditions for your crew.

Duztech and HKD Blue’s Fog Cannons

There are some variations in smog suppression system designs, depending on the specific application. However, most systems use water and compressed air to generate water droplets measuring between one and ten microns: about the size range of the air-borne particles that require removal. How the water droplets impact smog, is by sticking together and dissipating from the air. This efficient process adds very little moisture to the air while effectively reducing the smog, and only results in an average moisture addition of 0.05% of the material weight. That’s a vast improvement from simple water spray at 5% moisture addition!

Duztech offers fan-based smog control equipment (fog cannons) in different sizes, including small machines suitable for indoor use and bigger machines for outdoor use. The large machines are the most effective against smog.

HKD Blue offers the R-110 fog cannon. It is a low flow misting and fogging unit for smog and dust control in a stable environment. The fan motor Variable Speed Drive provides for short (30′) and medium (150′) distance mist protection, avoiding the saturation of valuable commodities. The R-110 can project fog mist 150′ to 200′ for a total coverage of 100,000 sq. ft.

The engineering teams at Enviro Handling Solutions draw on decades of experience to design and implement systems which control smog and dust for a wide variety of industries. Contact us today for a consultation.