How Much Can A Wind Fence Help With Dust Control?

Anyone who works in a dust-prone industry like mining and aggregates or biomass production knows that wind fencing is a key component in cutting down dust and erosion of material piles. Since wind speed picks up as it climbs the side of a material pile, dust rises from the pile and heavier material is moved over the top to the other side of the pile and along the ground. Since you’re probably not in business to generate dust and lose material, you’ll probably be interested to learn just how much a quality wind fence set-up can benefit your operation.

Smart Design And Quality Material

The design and engineering teams at Enviro Handling Solutions work with top manufacturers to give its customers the most effective, and cost-effective, solutions for dust suppression across a wide field of industries and applications. With decades of experience and field-proven results, we’ve learned that WeatherSolve Structures is a top choice for robust wind fence systems. These products have demonstrated their outstanding performance by withstanding 200+ mile-an-hour winds during hurricanes, outlandish heat in the Middle East, and the extreme cold of Canadian winters.

Dramatic Results With WeatherSolve Wind Fences

Using a simple design with a wind fence upwind and another downwind of a stockpile, wind speed inside the upwind fence is reduced to less than 40 percent of the wind speed outside. The amount of dust on the downwind side of the stockpile is less than 16 percent of the amount of dust released from an unprotected stockpile. Adding a second wind fence on the downwind side helps contain heavier material that might otherwise blow away on the ground. How much material are you losing from under-protected stockpiles, and how much unnecessary dust are they releasing?

There’s No One-Size-Fits-All Solution

For some types of operations, a simple wind fence design can create significant results, but every industry and every location has unique challenges to overcome in designing an efficient dust suppression system. Call or contact us online, and the team at Enviro Handling Solutions will put its 25+ years of experience to work for you. We’ll evaluate your specific demands and offer you the most effective solutions to keep your operation running safely and profitably.