Pulp & Paper

Enviro Handling works with hundreds of companies from select industries including biomass, forestry, construction, mining, and solar.  In these industries, material handling operations often produce unacceptable levels of dust which is an ongoing issue faced by companies transporting or processing materials.

Companies in Canada understand that dust control matters. Having proper dust suppression systems in place has important benefits:

Protecting Employees’ Health

Controlling dust is something that some overlook but can cause serious health and breathing issues. Large dust particles can cause irritation, impair visibility and is a general nuisance that slows operations down. However, a bigger health risk is from dust that is not visible to the naked eye–known as respirable dust. Due to their small size, these particles are able to penetrate into the deepest parts of the lungs where the body is less able to expel the particles. Respiratory dust may contribute to Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and silicosis, a severe disease that can scar the lungs. This does not just include humans but animals as well.

Extend Equipment Life 

Dust contributes to wear on moving parts of heavy equipment.  Consequently, suppressing dust helps to extend the life of equipment and reduce maintenance costs.  For example, effective dust suppression helps air filters on heavy equipment last far longer. Also, if materials are being trucked to a landfill, it will reduce oversaturation, which translates into reduced fuel consumption. Treating the roads will lower road maintenance costs by reducing gravel loss and blading time.

Reduce Environmental Pollution

Our dust suppression water cannons are designed for low water consumption and use minimal to no chemicals. Some alternatives to controlling dust can cause excessive water pooling and increased corrosion of equipment.

Enviro Handling understands the relevance of designing the safest and most efficient ways to move the materials through the company’s processes.  We provide well-designed and properly installed fog cannon dust suppression systems to various industries. These systems are an economical long-term solution that, with regular maintenance, can provide years of trouble-free performance.