• Raring Corp
      The Raring Corporation
      Dust Supression
      Water Sprays
    Ultra Span
      Weathersolve Structures
      Wind Fences
      Wind Breaks
      Fog Cannons - Water Cannons
      - Dust Suppression
      - Wetting
      - Irrigation
      - Fire Fighting
    Ancaster Conveying
      Ancaster Conveying Systems
      Dust Collection
      - Dust Collectors - pulsejet 
      - Pneumatic Conveying Systems
      -  Mechanical Conveyers
      - Rotary Airlocks
      - Dump valves
      - Double Dump valves
     Rotolok Valves Inc.
      Rotary Air Locks-Slide Gates-Bin
      Dischargers-Dump Valaves
      Batech Corporation
      High Efficiency Dust Collectors
      Energy Savings Modifications & Retrofits
    Quality Air Management
      Quality Air Management Corp.
      Dust Collectors (Pulsejet / Bag & Cartridge type)
      ULTRA-FLOW Advanced High Ratio Design
      Spark Coolers & Arrestors
      Daltec Industries
      Industrial Fans & Blowers
       SPX Deltech
      Compressed Air Dryers
      Compressed Air Filtration

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