A micro-multinational corporation established in 1984 and is located in Vancouver, Washington.  TRC designs, supplies, and manufactures high-quality Dust Control Solutions using Agglomerative Dust Suppression (ADS) with dry fog cannon or a water spray system. Both technologies suppress the dust, agglomerate the particles and then settle them back down. These systems are critical in keeping your employees safe from dangerous dust particles and will save you money because you can recover valuable minerals and materials. Deciding which technology to use depends on the job and our knowledgeable staff help our clients to find which dust control system works best for them.

ADS Dry Fog dust collection systems

These systems were first used in a coal mining region of the Western U.S. in 1995. Now, roughly 300 million tons per annum are mined in that region using this technology. ADS systems are highly efficient, use very little water, use no chemicals and they don’t increase the overall moisture content of the flowing material. These dry fog dust suppression systems don’t create ice or freeze in cold climates. Typically used in conjunction with other passive dust control technologies such as wind fences, stilling sheds, hats and engineered chutes. In Ports, it is usually recommended a wind fence on the hoppers because they are always exposed to wind gusts.  The ADS dry fog dust suppression solutions are often used at:

  • Truck and rail dumps and loading
  • ROM bins
  • Reclaim tunnels
  • Conveyor and feeder transfers
  • Crushing and screening applications

Water-based Dust Control Systems

TRC also offers a wide variety of water-based dust control misting systems such as deluge, mist, conditioning systems, and yard sprays. A water-based dust control technology is a great solution for:

  • Open stockpiles
  • Roadways
  • Tailing Ponds
  • All other dust sources that can’t be enclosed or contained

Often times, TRC combines water spray and fog cannon systems to achieve optimum results.

TRC has completed more than 600 projects worldwide. Their customers include all of the major mining engineering companies worldwide. Their systems are highly adaptable and able to work under the most demanding conditions such as high elevations in Peru, freezing temperatures in Russia, extreme heat in Australia to a corrosive environment in Madagascar. The company is constantly improving their products and keeping them competitive. The company is know for its commitment to an on-going system performance.

The dust control misting system and all TRC products are available through Enviro Handling Solutions.