Use A Wind Fence To Prevent Nuisance Fines & Material Loss

For operations like coal processing plants, mines, and aggregate processing, keeping the dust down is a critical part of avoiding costly nuisance fines, safety violations, and material loss due to wind. An effective wind fence can play a key role in an overall dust suppression system that is cost-effective for your operation.

Why Wind Fences Work

 If your operation has material stockpiles or waste piles, you’ve probably already observed how much dust can blow off those piles, and how much material can disappear over the course of a windy day. The wind picks up speed when it hits the side of a material pile and picks up speed as it is deflected upward. Dust rises into the wind and heavier material gets pushed up and over the top of the pile, down the other side, and then along the ground. Placing a wind fence upwind and another downwind breaks this airflow pattern and reduces the airspeed of the wind reaching the pile to about 40 percent of its speed before it reached the wind fence. Weakening the force of the wind reaching the stockpile results in a significant reduction in the dust blowing out of the pile: about 16 percent of the amount of dust released from a pile with no wind protection. The down-wind fence prevents material from blowing along the ground and being lost.

Wind Fences That Stand Up To Harsh Conditions

WeatherSolve Structures is one of our preferred manufacturers of wind fences because their products have proven themselves against some of the world’s most harsh conditions. From hurricane winds above 200 miles an hour to the brutal heat of the Middle East and, of course, the extreme cold and wind of Canadian winter. Wind fences deliver an excellent return on your investment if they’re robust enough to last through seasons of real-world conditions on your site.

Comprehensive Dust Suppression Systems

The design and engineering teams at Enviro Handling Solutions draw on decades of experience to plan and implement dust suppression systems for a wide variety of industries. To learn more about how a comprehensive dust control system featuring rugged win fences can help your operation run more profitably and stay compliant with environmental and safety regulations, give us a call or contact us online for a consultation.