Specialist designers and manufacturers of industrial, recreational, and agricultural environment control structures. Located in Aldergrove, British Columbia, their projects shelter thousands of acres around the world.

WeatherSolve Wind Fences

Provide unique advantages for industrial dust control solutions. The wind fences are ideal for dust control over large areas with the most common designs being 100ft (30 meters) or higher. The poles of the wind fence are unique because they can be spread up to 120 feet apart (36 meters). This lowers the overall cost of the structure, causes less disruption during construction, and allows for flexibility in the layout design. The wind fences are self-cleaning with little to no maintenance, so they are able to accommodate conveyors, buildings, cross roadways, doors, and gates.

This is an environmentally conscious solution because it does not consume oil, gas, electricity or water.

The Ultra Span System

In addition to wind fences, Weather Solve leads the way in their The Ultra Span System. A way of connecting panels of usually porous fabric to highly tensed steel cables that are both reliable and strong. The steel cables can span large distances allowing the supports to be positioned out of the way. Fewer supports are also more economical in many situations.

WeatherSolve dust control wind fences and the Ultra Span system are storm proven. They have withstood powerful hurricanes and cyclones such as Hurricane Andrew, Sand, Charlie and many more. In 1992 when Hurricane Andrew's 200+ mph winds roared across South Florida. Hundreds of acres of WeatherSolve's windbreaks and shade houses were in the path of the hurricane. Fortunately, their structures stood out as virtually the only fabric structures left standing in many areas.

Not only are the structures sturdy, but they can withstand extreme temperatures such as the unrelenting heat of Oman and Bahrain, to the severe cold of Canadian winters in Northern B.C. These wind fences have been proven to be effective at high altitudes like the South American Andes at 16,000 feet.

When it comes to dust control fences, there is no other company anywhere near close to such experience. Worldwide, the total area under WeatherSolve protection exceeds 1,000 acres.

WeatherSolve wind fence and Ultra Span are available through Enviro Handling Solutions.