What Kind Of Dust Suppression Equipment Is Used In Builiding Demolition Projects?


You are at the right place if you are wondering how to manage/suppress dust in building demolition project. We all know that demolition involves dust and other airborne particles; these particles (dust) are dangerous to the health and safety of workers and they need to be curtailed. This is why EnviroHandling is established.


Depending on the situation, different dust suppression equipment can help you get control of the air quality and provide a safe working environment. Some of the dust suppression equipment are:

1.  Fog Cannon

One of the most important new devices for dust suppression: it is effective against the particles produced by mining, materials handling, and especially demolition projects. This dust control machine manufactured by HKD BLUE can generate an atomized mist of appropriately sized droplets to effectively capture dust while using less water. With remote control configuration, on-site managers can easily adjust the nozzle spray pattern and direction at the push of a button, saving labor costs while limiting worker exposure to potentially harmful dust and debris.

The Fog Cannon limits several inconveniences to the surrounding environment that are brought by the emission of fine dust during demolition projects. This is also aids in avoiding disputes with the local authorities around you.  Another significant advantage of the HKD BLUE’s Fog cannon in dust suppression is the reduction of the water consumption.

2.  Water Mist Cannon

These are cannons that spray water at very high pressures. They project a high-velocity stream of water. Typically, a water cannon can deliver a large volume of water, often over dozens of meters. They are used in firefighting, large vehicle washing, riot control, building demolition, and mining. It is either connected to in-ground water supplies or mobile bladders (often on trucks). They propel streams of high-pressure water aimed at neutralizing and suppressing the dust before it becomes airborne. Some demolition companies prefer to use water mist cannons for dust suppression instead of fog cannons.

3.  Water Sprays

This is a water-based dust control technology. It is often used at large sites for dust suppression and control. They spray water in a very wide range and across a far distance. Building demolition gets easier with a water spray system in place. Whether you need to keep dust from becoming airborne or suppress particles that are already airborne, spraying water or chemicals to dust is usually the most efficient and cost-effective solution. Apart from the fact that they are more economical, they are highly effective and more durable than other dust suppression equipment.

RARING Corp.’s water spray dust suppression equipment range in sizes, including small machines that are suitable for indoor use and bigger machines for outdoor use.

The need for a dust suppression control in a demolition site cannot be overemphasized. Apart from keeping the environment safe and healthy, it shows companies care about the environment of its workers. Contact us to get a dust suppression equipment for your building demolition projects today.