What You Need to Know About Industrial Dust Control Misting Systems

Keeping worksite dust under control is essential in meeting regulatory requirements and ensuring the health and safety of your workers. Technology has provided us with intelligent, water efficient techniques for controlling dust, with misting systems being the most popular. The most common uses for high-pressure misting systems include outdoor cooling (and sometimes indoor cooling), humidification, dust control, odor control, and special effects.

A misting system is made up of a series of nozzles that are placed in a tube and pressurized to provide a fine spray, usually with droplets between 5 microns and 50 microns in size.


These specialized systems can be used for dust control as well as cooling outdoor areas such as patios, construction and demolition sites, golf courses, tennis courts, amusement parks and more. Industrial misting systems use atomized water to suppress dust and cool the air around you without causing excessive moisture or wetness. Modern dust control misting systems are a practical way to keep your workers cool, safe and comfortable on any job-site – they can also be used indoors.


Apart from dust suppression, indoor misting systems offer an alternative to expensive air conditioning systems as well as regulate greenhouse temperatures for plant propagation. They are useful in industrial or commercial settings.


These systems operate at 1000 PSI+, producing water droplets as small as 5 microns in diameter. Outdoor Misting systems enable flash evaporation, which reduces the ambient temperature without adding to overall dampness. Most outdoor misting systems are used for dust control and suppression purposes, but they can also be used for cooling and are capable of reducing temperatures by up to 40 degrees Fahrenheit without an obvious increase in humidity.


Industrial Dust Control Misting Systems utilize two main elements: atomized water and a well-designed distribution system. A combination of high-pressure fog pumps and nozzles are employed to create atomized water (mist). Through this process, the misting system can produce billions of micron-sized droplets every minute. HKD Blue and Duztech have used their industry expertise to determine the number of fogging nozzles needed to offset the air exchange rate. When misting systems are applied, humidification and cooling is optimized.

HKD Blue’s unique nozzle configuration is designed to generate atomized droplets to trap and suppress more dust with less water. The remote control allows the site manager to adjust nozzle alignment, spray pattern and direction. It also reduces the labor costs involved in assigning these responsibilities to an engineer. These misting systems reduce peaks and troughs in mist production, leading to more efficient dust control and cooling for your site.

Indoor/outdoor construction and production companies rely on dust control equipment supplied by Enviro Handling Solutions to minimize airborne dust and comply with jobsite regulations. Quality dust control misting systems propel high-pressure fog mist which then attaches to dust particles, effectively minimizing and controlling dust.

To explore other dust control options or to learn more about industrial dust control misting systems for your worksite, contact us today.