What’s The Best Mount For Your Fog Cannon Dust Suppression Unit?

If your business involves working in a dust-prone industry like construction, mining, pulp & paper processing, or biomass production, you already know how critical it is to keep dust under control. Fog cannon dust suppression is one of the most effective ways to keep your work environment safe for workers, compliant with environmental and safety regulations, and to extend the life of machinery that can be damaged by particle incursion over time. Your specific applications for fog cannon dust suppression determine the most efficient and effective type of mount for the units you use. Choosing the right mount can make a big difference in your environment and operation costs.

  • Carriage-Mounted – Carriage-mounted fog cannons are ideal for applications where the dust source moves or winds shift often, or where the cannon will be moved frequently from one job site to another. They offer easy mobility and adjustment for situations like construction and demolition sites.
  • Skid-Mounted – Skid Mounts offer flexibility in the sense that they can be placed in a variety of places, and can be moved with a forklift. They’re typically more powerful units with longer throw capacity than the carriage-mounted fog cannons, and though they’re not as easy to move, they offer more placement options.
  • Pole-Mounted – Pole-mounted, or tower-mounted fog cannons attack airborne dust from above and take advantage of the power of gravity to pull the dust from the air. This is an ideal solution for applications where the flow of dusty air is fairly constant, though fog cannons can also be mounted on top of a freight container or other structure for a somewhat more mobile and adjustable solution.
  • Trailer Or Vehicle-Mounted – For massive power that stays mobile and gets the job done in remote locations, trailer- or vehicle-mounted fog cannons offer a comprehensive solution when combined with a water tank and generator.

Enviro Handling Solutions Can Help You Choose

If you’re wondering which type of fog cannon dust suppression system would best serve your operation and help keep your operating costs in line, Enviro Handling Solutions can help! Our design and engineering teams use current best practices and equipment from top manufacturers to help every client achieve the most efficient and cost-effective dust suppression solutions for their specific operations. Call or contact us online for a consultation.